Greetings all, im a regular on the Musicians thread but now i need some help, i recently got fruity loops and had some questions about it....

1) Is there any way to change the setup from quarter notes to 16th notes? I don't want to have to quadruple the tempo unless i really have to.

2) can anyone suggest some really good samples, preferably .wav's for realistic sounding drumkits, also any industrial, electronic/techno, D&B and jungle style loop sets would be appreciated.

3) Last problem, i have some .mid files (i think they come w/ fruity loops) of metal loops, however i right click and send them to a new track and they don't play, i'm assuming theres something i'm missing, any suggestions?

thanks guys for any help you can provide, peace out

1) Not sure. If it's anything like Cakewalk, you just change the note value drop down box.

2) Sonic Implants Soundfonts. www.sonicimplants.com - there are probably several others, but this is the place I go. Check out the Blue Jay sets. I use a software synth that uses soundfonts. I haven't been able to find a software synth worthy of replacing them. Roland is a joke.

3) Well, check the midi track properties - channel, bank, patch - all that shit. Most of the time it will need some kind of tweaking.
1. I haven't used FL in years, but from what I remember, can't you just use the piano roll to create your own notes using the pencil, instead of the drum machine interface?
^ yes you can, but all the notes are quarter notes, it appears there is a way to create 16th notes from some pics i have seen but no explanation as to how. anybody use fruity loops often enough to help me out here? i've figured out a decent chunk on my own after having only used it for maybe 2 hours but the note value is driving me NUTS!!!