Hey guys, this is Kyle from Act of War, a metal band from Lafayette, Indiana.
We have a very unique sound, but draw influence from European metal like In Flames and Children of Bodom.

We recently completed our four track demo, and some of those songs are up on our myspace page.


Check them out and add us as friends if you like what you hear!
Pretty good man, i just kinda laughed cause the band im in is pretty much the same, we have a few original songs then a In Flames Gyroscope cover, Swim was pretty sweet btw
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Haven't listened yet, but I need to comment upon the fact that you guys go to purue?

2 more years of H.S and I'm ther.
Hoo-rah Purdue Metal!!
AT PURDUE!!! ( I think i'm the only one at Purdue that is on the forums....)

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