I've been shopping around for pickups to get a better Death Metal/ Thrash Metal sound out of my Jackson Dinky. So far I think I really want to go with a Bill Lawrence XL-500, but I'm not sure what else to use. I've heard mixed reviews of where the XL should be placed (as in Neck or Bridge), so I'm also not sure about where to put it. In addition, I've heard that the XL isn't that great for clean tone...which I do use for my non-metal needs. Any help is greatly appreciated
The XL500 comes in 4 different outputs, c, r, L, and XL. I'd go with 500-c neck and 500-XL bridge. If you wanted to mix brands the Dimarzio Air Norton is a good neck pickup as well as Dimarzios Vpaf. Duncans' '59 isn't a bad choice either.

Personally I like a lower output neck pickup so it will sound thick but not muddy, I like to hear each string and neck pickups with high outputs can muddle the tone.
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Up until very recently, I had installed in my Ibanez RG-570 a BLUSA L-500XL, or XL500 if you like, in the bridge position, and it smoked the original pickup.

I think it would be great for metal. An yep, the XL is meant for lead/bridge position.

I didn't have any problem getting a clean sound as well, just rolling back the volume.

The only problem I had with that is my neck pickup would overpower it used together (gibson 496R). But hey, I got it used so maybe not the best to compare with.

And for $50 it's a pretty cheap experiment. Good luck!

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Cool, let us know which one you end up getting and how it works for you. Cheers
i actually have the XL-500XL and its pretty good. I have it installed on my bridge pickup, on my bc rich mockingbird. Its has a great tone, for like pitch harmonics...ect, but get a good neck pickup as well...
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The XL500 comes in 4 different outputs, c, r, L, and XL. I'd go with 500-c neck and 500-XL bridge.

Actually the L500 comes in L500C, L500R, L500L, and L500XL. The L500XL is great for metal and it should suit your need quite well. I would say its output is comparable to emg's while still souding warm and non sterile. My favorite pickup for metal.