there are quite a few multi pedals out there,and i know that most accomplished guitarists dont have much good to say about them,but they seem to be ideal for hobby and novice players.
just looking for opinions on which is best.(pod xt,gnx4,gnx 3000,etc.)
thanks to all the folks who make this site and these forums so helpful.

you all "ROCK!!!!!!!!!"
I'd say anything that has an expression pedal is fine...After that its your choice of funtionality and personal touch to choose from...
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It's really what works best for you. For me, the GNX series didn't really do much for me. The POD was great, but not as flexible. The GT-8 is the one I went with for quality, tone and flexibility. It's a great unit. I had a twin reverb and a huge pedalboard and this unit couple with a fender hot rod deluxe was able to take it's place for me if that tells you anything.
thanks,i will have to do some more homework.maybe check out tthe gt-8.i like the recording feature of the gnx4.
yamaha magicstomp had a user interface thats not layed out the best but thee sound is amazing

floor pods are pricy but the ssound is good and the user interface is easy as pie

Boss multi FX i have yet to try but people seem to like some of them

i vote for a magicstomp if you want to keep prices low and a pod if you have money to spend
just looking for opinions on which is best

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Stay away from digitech unless u want all youre tone sucked up. Try the Korg Tone-Works, theyre awesome. My friend has one and he plays bass so when i go jam w/ him i j/ use that and leave my pedal board at home. It has a switch from bass to guitar so that the frequencies sound stable.
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yeah the korg ax1500g is pretty sweet sounding, i know quite a few jazz players that love it. it's not very durable though compared to most brands.

digitech is great for beginners but soul's right about the tone thing. they have great functionality but zero tone. their new rp series (150,250,350) is a good stab at not sounding bad though

the pod xt is nice but controlling anything without having it plugged into a computer is stupid hard.

the vox tonelab owns but it doesn't have all that much in the way of effects or programmability. great tone and very durable though.

as far as i'm concerned the boss gt8 is the king of all multifx boards for many reasons.

you can run two different amp models at the same time in stereo OR mono
you can set up scripts to control any effect parameter with the exp pedal, ctrl pedal, internal oscillators, input volume... whatever you want
you can save presets not just for patches, but for each individual effect
you can control the exact order that every effect occurs in, as if they were actually stompboxes lined up.

yes these are all flagship boards and are the most expensive but if you're gonna buy a multiboard, it's just not worth it to go low-end, the value to price ratio drops dramatically the farther down you go.