i want some stuff to learn and i know there are other threads but people always go like anything by flea but not everything flea does is really impressive and i dont want people to suggest vic or jaco either i know what they do is amazing but most of it is all instrumental and i kinda want catchy riffs not 10 minute bass solos but i do want it to be dificult enough. i wanted to learn talas -outside looking in but i couldnt find a tab anywhere so songs like that ie hard rock or metal but also suggest funk and other genres just so long as the basslines are really impressive. i will appreciate all suggestions also this could be useful for a lot of other people as well so thanks in advance
Josh Ansley has some fun basslines and aren't too hard to play. Just check out his work with Catch 22 or Streetlight Manifesto.

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You know their are other threads for it.. but still posted a new one.

If you want, specify your preferences in your post at the already existing thread, but why open a new one?
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learn some Iron Maiden stuff
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Learn some Led Zeppelin. JPJ ftw!
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The Strokes have some sweet basslines. Really simple and sound awesome.
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+2 on the Rush and Iron Maiden

Playin some Geddy Lee or Harris should get the blood pumpin and the crowd cheerin. Or you could play some of Cliff's thrash lines
RHCP - Can't Stop


The pop and slap part is really fun, easy and catchy.

Anti-Flag - Bring Out Your Dead


You have to play it fast but when you get it down it sounds really cool

Rudiments - Wailing Paddle


This is pretty fun to play too.

but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
Black Night - Deep Purple, famous bassline thats catchy and fun to play
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