this is a video from our battle of the bands, the first song is an original and the second half is the Zephyr Song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. ill throw the rest of our set up on youtube later on,


im the guitarist with the hollow body.
by the way, my monitor wasnt working and could not hear a single thing, which made me quite mad as how you can hear one of my strings out of tune, which wouldnt have been a problem if i couldve heard it and wouldve been able to fix it in about a second. and you can just ignore the shit note i play during the intro. my mic also wasnt loud enough to be heard in the mix
the sound guys kinda sucked all night.

I haven't listened to the Zephyr song.
But your original is good, pretty catchy. The bass solo was kick ass too
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i thought it was really great. i dont really like the way you said "boyfriend" in the chorus. it just didnt sound right, maybe you just stressed it too hard. The bassist was awesome and i definently did not expect a bass solo. Overall, it was a great song
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yeah we practiced together like 3 times, one being on the day of the show, and we werent even going to play zephyr song until the day of, we were going to do under the bridge but zephyr's just more up beat. i appreciate all of the crits as well
Seems like you and the other singer sound exactly alike. Didn't really like the vocals but nice work.