I just bought a Marshall TSL100 Off E-Bay. I was waiting for the new 425A cabinets to come out, and the only other cab I have is a Roland 8 ohm 4x5" cab(unsure of it's wattage handling, but it is for a 32 watt solid state head. The head powered up fine, but I noticed one of the preamp tubes (12AX7) was not glowing. The amp played fine , and i figured I'd get a retube in a week or two when cashflow was replenished. Let me say I ran the amp on 25 watts with the Vpr (Virtual Power Reduction) on, and it worked fine for a few days, I even tested it at full power -100 watts- for a few minutes and it was fine, but since I don't know the power handling of the speaker cab I didn't want to blow the speakers, so I kept it on 25 watts. One day I was showing it to a friend and I must have turned it on without the VPR on, not noticing that I had it on full power. The amp worked fine for about 20 minutes then the sound cut off. All of the tubes are still glowing just the same way as they had been, but no sound. My guess is that the output transformer went. I live in the far southern part of NJ at least 50 to 75 miles away from a decent Amp repair shop, so I e-mailed a reputable amp repair shop who specializes in Marshall and Fender amps. I told the guy exactly what I have said here, and when he e-mailed me back, he said that he doubted the o/p tranny was bad, and to bring it in and he would do the necessary repairs. Has this problem ever happened to anyone else here? If so what was the problem and how much did it cost to be fixed? Also do you think that I blew something by having it on 100 watts and using a lower wattage cab?(at least i think it is lower wattage, I,m not sure). and do you think it could just be a tube, like i said one of the 12AX7's wasn't glowing from the get go. Please help, I always wanted a Marshall head, and when I finally get one it lasts 6 days- yes that's right 6 days total. Thanks. you can e-mail me at Oatieoat@AOL.com if you know what's up. Rock on. -MJO.
since it is at a repair place they should have some cabs to run it through, just to check it isnt just your speakers that went pop
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If you blew a transformer it should blow a fuse also, powering down the entire amp, I think. Look into new preamp tubes.
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Oat64 again, Itested it with another speaker and still no sound, and no fuses are blown. thanks.