Ok so I was trying to etch a pcb board, and it didnt work well at all. I cleaned it with the green pad included in the radioshack kit, and then drew on the circuit with the included sharpie. After about 2 minutes, I retraced it to make sure it would stick well. Then I put it in a small bowl with about 1/4 inch of etching solution in the bottom. I went to check on it earlier, and it was all the way through to the fiberglass in places, but in some places, it was still pink and the sharpie was getting really thin in places. What is the problem? Could it just be too cold? I did this in my garage and it is between 30 and 40 degrees out there.
Yeah definitly need to turn the heat up, ferric chloride needs to be at least 65 degrees but works best around 100, the colder it is the longer you have to leave your board in there for, and those pens with the kits are only going to last in the acid up to a point.
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wow. that sucks. got to figure out how to talk my parents into letting me bring some of that stuff into the house.
Yeah my parents freak about it too, try doing this get a bucket of hot water and let your bottle of ferric sit in it so that the temperature's equalize than pour it in and make sure you agitate the formula, it will etch quicker, also try putting a desk lamp by it if you have to leave it, so that it absorbs some of the residual heat. (Don't forget your eye protection and gloves)

Do you have a laser printer by chance?
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Nope,no laser printer. I did all the other stuff you said and its working better. The instructions it came with sucked. Thanks for your help.
Yeah, the Sharpie doesn't work well. Heat it up with a heat lamp, otherwise it tends to etch too slowly and eats too much copper.
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If he is using the full Radio Shack kit than it's supposed to be a special pen for the purpose, but in reality it could probably be nothing more than a glorified sharpie
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