Does anyone here own one? How are they in terms of quality and whatnot?

Also, do they put it together for you, or do you have to do it yourself?
you have to do the assembling.

but the quality is superb.
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Quality is superb, especially for the price you pay, and this aint a comment to be taken too lightly i mean they really are great.
You have to assemble them yourself, now personally, i dont know too much about the art of fully setting up a bass or guitar, i teach myself on other basses i have but when u spend a lot on a new bass i left it to a pro. The guy i got to do it, sed the frets needed a little sorting, and other than that was spot on. So just be aware, that although they are great, just get it checked.

I actually own a pretty much fully warmoth bass, and i will never ever sell it, and personally the quality is again fantastic. i had mine valued by soundcontrol (has a fender decal on, naughty me), and they valued it at £1.5 - £2k (despite the lack of serial number :s), i paid £800, and that was with other stuff as well as the body etc.

If someone destroyed my warmoth bass, not only would i attmpt to hunt them down, i would have to cry myself to sleep at night, cos imo they are THAT good for your money. O and i would reorder one within 24hours:P

Hope this helps
Im building an sg bass. Ive just got a body 4 now. u can see it on a thread I posted just search waromth bass build. The quility is flawless!

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Quote by Doodleface
you have to do the assembling.

but the quality is superb.

Exactly, plus the neck pockets are the same as the fender standard so you can attach fender necks on, the only fender neck that I know doesn't attach to a warmoth without a little effort is the Geddy Lee neck. But still, they're pretty flawless and you feel so proud when you see it's basically your own sig bass.