ok so since apple is the RIAA's bitch, you can't take music from your ipod and put it on your computer, because it would be so easy to share your music with everyone around you. I downloaded SharePod, but its not compatible with newer, updated ipods like mine, so I downloaded EphPod, and It requires a program called MacOpener (which reads Mac Drives, what the Ipod drive is) to function right... The shit cost money and i'll be damned if I'm going to spend EXTRA money after the 300 i gave up just to get this, JUST so I can put my own music back onto my computer after a system restore or something, its total bs. Does anyone know of a way to get Macopener for free? Or any related programs, even other Ipod programs that would allow me complete freedom into my Ipods hardrive. I'd appreciate it.
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I haven't tried this yet, as I haven't needed to, but I bookmarked it in case I ever did to try it out.