After a while, I dug out my dads old ibanez "concord" acoustic (Gibson hummingbird design) and started playing and observing it. The strings were incredibly rusty, but of course, that was fixed with new strings. I noticed there was a crack in the back, and when the E string was played open, it buzzed alot. To fix the buzzing I went to my local guitar store. The buzzing no longer occurs now, but the action on the entire guitar is WAY to high. I was wondering can i fix this problem (as well as the crack), or should i sell the guitar?
If I could sell it, how much do you all think it could go for?
just take it to a shop and see what they'd do about the crack/selling it/action.
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Hi I own the 12 string model,and there are alot you can do to these guitars ,file down the White units were strings run thru but take it slow,mine has 2 screws on the bridge lift them slowly together ,you could also file down the frets ,amazing guitar ,id say dont sell it!!
Filing down the frets is an insane piece of advice. If you have to ask the question, take it to the music shop. You could end up with a real nice guitar. Cheers
Firstly, please ignore bgx007ec's advice.

If you like the guitar there is no need to sell it just because the action is too high, that is fixable.

I was wondering can i fix this problem (as well as the crack)

Are you able to post a pic of the crack?