RHCP and Audioslave always promote gay messages

edit: at CHOPS (Changing Homosexuals into Ordinary Poeple)

this cant be real
look they think motorhead is gay and cindi (girls just wann have fun) lauper isnt
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...Damn you.
Ravi Shankar!
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Jay Z? Eminem? WHAAAAAT?

This is a really bad list. I'm pretty sure listening to Lou Reed and Metallica didn't turn me gay. It was my love for the ****.

EDIT: Dresden Dolls are safe? They have a song about a robotic male love machine. What the ****?
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I don't know if I can help it.

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That website makes me sick. I hope it's a joke. And can someone give me a little info on why the Dresden Dolls are not encouraging homosexuality? I know very little about them.
old news, but still, retarded
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