Words and phrases that come to mind when watching :-
- haircut
- bad quality (the recording)
- turn up the mic
- not my type of music
- guitar player needs to stop trying to be Slash

I have to say that really did my heading, however the guitars were pretty good.
Really couldnt stand it though. Hope the critism helps, somehow.
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I can see an actual recording though OK equipment being ok. What stuff your band using?
which guitar player being slash big or small?lol equipment amps not ours we showed up plugged in and played
ha he doesnt play any lead and hates guns in roses man hes a real country player.guy far leftplaying all the stuffs nearly(send request on myspace already btw)
That one dude is wearing a SRV costume, and dont shake like your having a seizure during the song, it dosnt flow, or look remotly natural. Other than that though keep it up.
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that 0/10 was for gonzo slash, i despise him.
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