Ok, so I want to know for sure, is Dani Filth's high pitched voice faked with some kind of distortion pedal or microphone switch, or is it his real voice ? A lot of people has told me his high pitched voice is fake, but his growl is real. Rumours or facts ?
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I guess Im the only one who thinks it sounds good then...

I pretty sure its real.
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This not better placed in one of the metal forums?
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it is real cause i remember him singing at Download last year. Very good, I may add.
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the high pitched voice comes from his lacking of a penis
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Actually, I'm kinda split in my opinions. On side of me think that his vocals fits with the music, and the other part of me wants more low-pitched growls.

I think my balls prefer the latter.

Either way, I like CoF.
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lots of haters here... i like most of his vocal tricks, personally, he has lots of talent. and i am learning to growl myself.
all of his stuff real, btw.
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