Ermmmm.. I'm a big runescape junkie.. and iv looked every where for a tab for the theme song. And I can't find it. maybe some one could help me here..
hehe, Runescape rules sorry, can't help with the tab though.
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Give 10 UGers a rope and ask them to pull. 4 will push, 1 will ask for buttsecks, 2 will tell you get an Ibanez and the last 3 will start complaining about Line6 Spiders.

oh man, do something other than runescape. come on.
Jesus for president. PM me to join the campaign. or just sig it.

Of course God has a sense of humor. Look at the Platypus...

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I just got led on, turned down, re-taken, and turned down again *looks at sig, god bless I Killed The Prom Queen* and you STILL made me smile.

Give the guy a fucking medal.