In tabs, what does 9b11 mean? Would you play the note on the 9th fret and then move up to the 11th and bend, or play the note on the 9th, bend it and move to the 11th fret whilst bent?

And whilst we're on bends, does 9(11) mean you bend the note on the 9th fret up until it makes a sound similar to as if you played the note on the 11th?
It ain't always clear. That's why Power Tab is the best program for tabs, it's clear as hell.
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Most of the time if the tabber writes it out correctly 9b11 means bend the note on the ninth fret to sound like the note of the 11th fret. In tabs, keeping it together signifies where to bend and what pitch you are bending to. I also agree with Ibzman, using a program like Power Tab or Guitar Pro helps make things like this much clearer. Generally though, you can can usually figure out which is need by listening to the song and using your ear.
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