This is a song i made um lemme know what u think the title is temporary but i think it'll stay

A Villains Anthem

Verse 1:
You've been hunting me
since you saw me
and i clearly see
that you want to bring me down

What you dont know
and i know you ask why,
is that you cant beat me
because im the bad guy

Stop trying to bring me down,
You're only hurting yourself substantially.
You know you cant kill the bad guy
because if i die i will drag you down with me

Verse 2:
Why not just let me be?
I really dont want to kill you too
Because ive grown acustomed to you
trying to obliterate me!

You make my life really exciting and fun
the last time you chased me i saw your son
a real smart boy is he
wouldnt want him to die now would we?

Chorus x2

and if i die i will drag you down with me!!!!

Bridge/3rd verse:
And the time i waited for is near
i see your car in teh rear view mirror
time to stop by and see
who will win this war, you or me

I step right out of the car
you didnt have to walk out too far
we are both right face to face
and we both know i will be the end of your days

Chorus x2