I sit still like an antique doll on the verge of moving
But always staying the same
It’s not so hard to trick you because you’ll always look away
and somehow I don't find it hard to stare
Classically frozen in time, and almost in fear
Cold enough to swim in your coffee
Or have casual sex with a boy named frosty
Without making him lose any weight at all

Still I’ll probably never have the courage
To dial your number say…
“Did you know that I never stopped thinking about you?”
Creepy? Maybe…
But that doesn’t keep it from being the truth
pretty cool. i liked a lot of the ideas you had going on there, some of it seemed a bit crammed tho, i do the same thing, thats why i noticed it, but you might want to try spreading it out a bit more.
one suggestion that i would give is i think i would shorten the name because i knew that line was going to be there as i read it because it was the title and just to make it less predictable (maybe not the right word) you could change the name to just Frosty or something so yur still highlighting that part of your lyrics without stating a whole line of the song
Thanks for the crit. Yeah I know what you mean. I'll think about making it longer and spreading out the ideas. Also you're right about the title. I just thought it would be an attention grabber.