work on playing it like 10 times slower... make sure you have all the notes ring out... and check your tabs as well.
yeah, slow it down to get it right. you hit a lot of dead notes. just practice man, a lot. good try though.
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Ok, here goes:

1- despite common belief, not a single note of the crossroads duel is sweep picked. It's entirely alternate picking so make sure you learn it that way.

2- I don't like your right hand pick orientation to the strings. You should turn your wrist so the pick is pointing "down" rather than up. Check out this picture of kirk hammett - this is what you want to immitate (http://www.rosshalfin.co.uk/magazines/images/guitar_world-mar02-01.jpg) I used to pick just like you are but then I make an effort to change my picking technique because it was really holding me back. It took a couple of months and it felt very awkward at first but it helps a LOT in the long run. You'll be able to play faster and smoother.

3- Not to be offensive, just trying to help out but this song is above your level right now. I would look up some alternate picking excersises and practice those to death. Within a few months your ability will be at a greater level and you can attack this song again.

4- You have to use your pinky more. You're reaching a lot with your ring finger when your pinky would be used a lot more efficiently. Not using your pinky will also hold you back big time.

Anyway, hope some of this helps - just keep practicing.
thmnx man yea i kno Crossraods is alternatly picked, i like to challange myself lol!! and yea ive been told and im tryin 2 start coverting my picking...tis a tricky task!