Today I was off school ill, and we were meant to have band practice after school. Our drummer couldn't make it, but the singer, rhythm guitarist + bassist could.

Now, our singer + rhythm guitarist are quite out of time from me and the bassist, so this was a chance for them to get in time a bit with the bassists help. Well, our bassist is on MSN, I asked him how band practice was and he says "I couldn't be bothered to go". I just told him to piss off. Made me very angry. He could have helped the singer + rhythm guitarist big time with this, but he says he can't be bothered because me and our drummer were't there.

Now what's worse is that when I couldn't make a saturday practice one time, him and the rhythm guitarist fucked about most of the time - I asked what they done and he said they just played on his PC + XBox 360.

Our rhythm guitarist doesn't practice much at home, and our singer is too busy with drama rehersals, and hasn't been able to attend a band practice for almost two months.

Our drummer doesn't have a drum kit at home, but doesn't practice at school when he get the chance, so in all fairness to him, he's OK.

Now I'm starting to wonder whether or not I should quit. Becuase we've been together 5 month, and barely have 1 song in time, and it really P's me off.

Help me UG!!!

If they're your best friends, stick too it, they'll pull through. If they're just the guys you play with, **** em.
Look for another band, and when you have one ditch this one
If I was you i'd tell them all this about them being lazy and say if there not going to buckle down and practice you'll quit the band
ummm well. i would not waste my time with them. i mean, hanging outs good, and you should have time just to chill, and not always practice, but if they never want to practice? i don't think i'd stick with them. and whats the point of having a drummer with no kit??
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Thank's guys. I'll tell them Monday at school that if they don't start committing themselves to the band and practicing more, I'm out.
Coming from someone in my school's drama, you can't be mad at your singer, especially if it's the musical. It really is helping him out in the long run.

Anyway, I'd tell them to start practicing more, most notably the rhythm guitarist, if he's off time. Try to find out when practice is convenient for everyone, and have it set a long time in advance (like 2 weeks.)

Good luck.
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Coming from someone in my school's drama, you can't be mad at your singer, especially if it's the musical. It really is helping him out in the long run.

No, it's just a play the school put on once a year - they hold it in West Theatre (Where assembly, etc takes place). It's just half the time, he isn't really needed with a major role at the reheral, and could probbaly spent time at band practice then go to rehersal seeing as the music room is below the drama room.
Show interest in another band, when they see that their in Jepardy of losing one of their members, they should buckle down. If they don't then you've got another band.
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I Quit haha

Only thing is, I'm 13, so my parents wouldn't let me put ads up or find people on the internet. if I could, there would be a post right now in the Classifieds with me looking for a good band, or a GnR' cover band.

Anyway, I'm going to ask my music teacher if there is any school bands/if he can help make a school band with some people for me to join for now. And it's my 14th on Monday, so maybe with me being a tad bit older, my parents might elt me roam and find a band lol.