can a song key be titled something other than major or minor??? For example you hear that a song is in the key of A minor or C major but could it be in the key of say E Phrygian? or B Locrian? I've only heard songs titled in the key of major or minor and I've always wondered why have I never heard "this song is in __ Lydian." or any other mode at that. I know this is probably a pretty n00bie like question but I'm just somewhat curious.
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Hmm, thats actually a good question. I have never heard them in another key. It usually is just minor or major, but you bring up a good point.
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In all honesty, you never heard classical pieces in some mode because modes are outdated. Modes are what the Catholic Church used before the major/minor concept was developed.
Even if you write a song using modes, it is still in the Key of Major or Minor, because the modes are all Major or Minor scales themselves.
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A song may use G Lydian of D Dorian, but it is still in the key of G major (with one sharp) and D minor (with one flat).


the mode adds color, and in all reality you hear it as an exotic 'major' or 'minor'
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