At the moment I've got just enough money to get the amp i want, a Randall RG50TC, although something better than that and in the same price range (about £400) would be awesome

I play hard rock/heavy metal (GnR, Pantera, Metallica, BLS) and a few lighter crunch to clean sounding stuff (AC/DC and some blues stuff), and I've heard that this amp can pretty much deliver on those fronts. So Is this amp a good choice?


Within a few months I'll be hopefully selling my old drum kit, and getting a fair amount of money for that (£350 if i'm lucky ) and i'll also have possibly enough to double that as well, but i wouldn't spend all of it, so around £600 for a guitar, given what I play and what amp i'll possibly be using, what would you guys recommend?
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spend £600 on the amp and £400 on the guitar. Or better yet, £700 on the amp and £300 on the guitar.

I'd take a look at some of the engls, probably screamer. Blackmore would be worth a shot too, but you'd need to budget for a speaker cab too as it's head-only.
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