they are used but work just as they should. $140 shipped or if you live around Secaucus NJ you can pick them up. i would also be willing to trade them for a pair of 8 OHM Celestion G12T75s
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i sent you a PM a couple days ago.. but i guess ill leave it out here too. im willing to lower the price as long as i still make enough to buy a used pair of G12T75s (hense i offered a straight trade for them)
the best way i can describe the sound is that its very smooth/warm, and its got a ton of bass (not to be confused with overbearing or farting out) its huge while being tight. im sure there are descriptions of it on the celestion site as well as avatars site. im selling them because i ordered a pair of G12T75s. i feel these are better for my style of metal, though many prefer the G12H30 especially paired with V30s (as shown on the avatar website)
I honestly would be interested in them (especially since $130 shipped is a great price) but unfortunately i am very short on cash and im looking at getting an Agile AL-3000, which actually costs more than I have right now. I will keep you in mind if I get some money though
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