hey im doing a project in school on classical music and i happened to be playing the hobbit when i came accrost a song which sounds very classical and if possible would somebody tab this out for me please, the guitar parts, thanks in advance

the name of the song is 'a walk in the shire'.
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the above link should not be broken now hopefully, sorry (currently uploading the song incase the link is although it works fine for me)
is anybody intrested in tabbing this? or if you are tabbing this could you let me know please thanks, i would very highly appreciate it.
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*Bump* sorry i would realley like this tabbed if anybody would care to help please, i woudl realley extreamly apreceate it, thanks again in advance.
um iunno if this helps tabbing it, i just read that this song was composed and played by Rednote audio, again thanks for any help in tabbing this.
You know what?
Your link is sucks!(sorry)
Host it somewhere else and then give us the link and be patient.You have 6 post in your thread yourself!
I hope I do that 4 u if I could download it(not after 20 pages!)
if you woulds suggest a good site to put the file thenplease let me know as i realley would love this tabbed.
You mean you would love for your project to be done for you.
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if you woulds suggest a good site to put the file thenplease let me know as i realley would love this tabbed.

I like that song. I'd appreciate the tab too
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Oh my God!
What the hell is this???
Ringtone Rock maybe?

anyway,wich version do you need?
i just need the guitars in it tabbed please, the lead guitar (the one which plaes exactly the same notes as the flute) and the backing guitar thats playing the chords.
You drive me crazy,
I mean power tab or guitar pro or text version or hell version or.....?
ooh! sorry sorry :P, a normal tab would surfice, as i dont have power or guitar pro yet.
Here dude.



I hope the scale gonna be Dm,but I'm not sure.I think if it's Dm you can change scales like:F#major>Dminor for whole the song and it will sound like what are you hearing.
Anyway,I played that ****ing song on this way.(OMG,My english's awful )

I've never heard confusing song like this before.

Hey rockers!Just play this ****ing song with your distortion effects and see what is gonna be!!!!!!!!!