i'm gonna be hanging out with another guitarist soon, and we're gonna jam and all but i'd also like to know some good songs to play together, just for fun. nothing too challenging, cause we're both at around an intermediate skill level. preferably not metal songs.

Street Spirit by Radiohead (there's not a ton of effects in it unlike most Radiohead songs).
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i no u dont want metal but their this song called gutter ballet by savatage, and it's more of just a regular hard rock song instead of metal thats pretty cool. it's got some awesome dual guitar parts that you might wanna check out
fun, two-guitar songs... that AREN'T metal?

Most bands with multiple guitars tend to be rock or metal, you know.
do some blues improv.
most songs with harmonizing guitars are metal
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fun, two-guitar songs... that AREN'T metal?

Most bands with multiple guitars tend to be rock or metal, you know.

rock's fine, and metal is acceptable, i'd just rather it not be. and since songs for multiple guitars are harder to find outside of metal, doesn't make more sense to ask?

thanks to all for suggestions so far.
hell song - sum 41
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I know you don't want metal,but considering there will be two guitars i suggest memorizing/printing off the guitar harmonies in Trivium's A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepedation,with just one guitar each part sounds bad alone with two guitars,it sounds great.It MIGHT take a bit of practice though.
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