I'm working on a song now, it's meant to be sorta epic, emotive etc...
I have the emotions flowing but I need to know what sorta thigns not to write.
I know anything can sound good in the right context, but are there certain words you'd avoid?
For instance, I find it hard to write: Love, Friend, and anything too associative.
Wrong Forum, I suggest deleting this before it's closed.

Edit: This may sound... well, odd, but try just thinking of how you feel, and using a thesaurus, or a dictionary. I don't mean to say:

"Hmm, I feel kind of sad..."

"I feel sad -> My ethiographicon has lost resonation of happy emotions"

Alright, maaaaybe it's a bad suggestion.
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Um. If you find it hard to write the word 'friend' then you are definitely not gonna be able to get anything remotely emotive.

But anyway, I would try to avoid cliches though. If you use a metaphor try to think of something original, not something that sounds like its been around and used a thousand times.

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