I'm kinda torn between the B-52 AT 112 combo and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I'd like to be able to get a metal tone if I had to, nothing super high gain, but passable, maybe 80's metal. I'd assume a pedal like a Muff would do the job if I had to get metal tone. I'm mainly looking for a good, flexible overdrive/ distortion. I mainly play stuff in wide ranges, as I play for multiple bands. My influences range from Franz Ferdinand, to Modest Mouse, Rage against the Machine, RHCP, and so on.

How are the cleans, reliability on these? Which would be cheaper to maintain, tube wise and the like.

I've tested a Hot Rod for a few days, I like it, but then I saw the B-52 online. I wanted to test out my options before deciding.
Cleans on Hot Rod = amazing... wouldnt trade mine for anything...

you gotta play both... but my best bet for you is the hot rod...
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Cleans on Hot Rod = amazing... wouldnt trade mine for anything...

you gotta play both... but my best bet for you is the hot rod...

How's the drive? How heavy can it get, and on what guitar do you play it on?
i have the 212 version. imo the clean channel is pretty good. it doesnt break up but some people like that so i dont know. it has 2 gain channels (maybe this is 212 and head only, im not sure) so you can have as much gain as you want to along with good shredding type gain.

people say the amp is very versatile. i however do not know how versatile it is because i pretty much play the same genres (metal, progressive) and it does those fine (ino ofcourse).

hope that helped
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Ive tried both but more with the Hotrod (my girlfriends bro has one). The Hotrod is a much better amp IMO. I usually like highgainers but for a laidback amp I really like it. 80's metal might be a strech but ive never really tried. The cleans are not sparkly the a JC120 but they just sound right to my ears. I suggest you try one. Honestly, I never spent much time with the B-52 but for the time I did it sounded nothing but mediocre. Ive also heard frequent reliability stories about them.
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the B-52 would probably be better for metal.
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I don't play too much metal, but I'd like to be able to get the sound when I have to. Would that be a better choice?

So, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with a Metal Muff to get there?