I just watched some videos on youtube of fretless guitars i haven't heard a lot about them they got a really cool sound i think ill buy a cheap strat copy and make one now.
it won't work that easily. you can't just pull the frets off, and once you do get them off, you need flatwound strings.
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I have hear of several skilled guitarplayers/builders who had trouble with that. If you just take the frets of-intonation can be **** up and you often lose all your sustain etc.

one succeseble version was to do the neck in metal...

and then there is those Vigier guitars that are cool
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All you have to do is pull the frets and string it back up with flatwounds. Works like any other fretless, you wont loose sustain or mess up your intonation.

Although, you should ideally fill in the fret slots with epoxy, and it wouldn't hurt to epoxy the whole fretboard. Search Google and the Project Guitar Forum for tutorials, suggestions, etc.

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Man i have played a fretless. Its a bit to get used to, different sound but meh. Whatever floats your boat!
i didnt think so i got a friend whos doing it i havent been able to play one yet i just thought it would be fun to play around with and if i can get a strat copy for like $50 it should be worth it
it'll be a fun experiment
google up some guides are ALGee has stated ...

some tips.
-you'll need to be extremly accurate to get the right tones
-experiment ... thrown in a sustainer & have fun w/ that
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i'll do it when i get the money it shouldnt be that hard i know a lot about guitars and that kind of stuff
Once I finally find a tele I like and by it, I'll likely be defretting the peavey strat copy I put a sustainiac into

keep in mind that without frets, you are responsible for intonation. That means you need good ears., or you'll have to learn quick.