Hey I'm trying to decide between a two amps atm. Im after a metal tone but I've got my own pedals so im not too bothered about the distortion they have themselves. The first ones the Peavey BAndit 112 which Ive been offered for a reasonable price, but Ive been offered a Marshall AVT100 for a damn good deal.
Never played the Peavey, but i do own the Marshall. And it is nice. go with the Marshall if you have the cash
i liked the banit when i played it ... it was 3 year ago though, so i dont know how they are quality wise ...

ide still say go for the peavey
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pm me for info
they're about equal. what are the specs/prices?
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get the marshall. i use the peavey bandit 112 at band practice and it's kinda lame.
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There's better around for the same price - roland cube.
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get a used peavey backstage or something. mine was free and it rocks like a hurricane with jazz-esque cleans. \m/
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There's better around for the same price - roland cube.

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