i want to knwo how to practice.ive been playing for 2 years and play like ive been playing for 6 months.i read the lessons and columns on how to practice but all they do is beat around the bush.i hav'nt gotten any better since like 6 moths ago.when i "practice"i just play sloppy sounding stuff and try to play songs but they sound like crap and it seems like everythings above my level.i mean i can play the phrygian dominant scal 16th's at 85 BPM.i dont know how to practcie so can someone give me what to practcice and and exact excersises for what you tell me.i wouldnt mind if someone gave me a specific routine either.like steve vai's 30 hour workout except something on my level.
Well, then you have to practise other things. Do you know how to play every single chord? Do you know every song ever created? Can you sweep pick flawlessly? Just commit yourself to learning something new about guitar everyday. You will improve. I 100% guarentee it. Just pick a song everyday and learn. Try to pick things that might be a little out of your level and learn it slowly, one riff at a time, using your metronome until you can play it perfectly. If you don't get better then I'll take your guitar gear off of your hands for you.
When you practise, concentrate. REALLY concentrate. Every little movement should not go unnoticed. Play slow, play clean. A good way to get your fingers moving is to just learn a song you enjoy, it should keep you interested. As always though, play slow, play clean.
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Perhaps if your having trouble you should take lessons. I teach lessons here in my town and have alotta students with that same problem when they first come to me, generally they don't practice wrong, they just run out of things to practice and end up in the same old routine at which point they get bored and only practice half heartedly, which gets you nowhere. I would advise starting with the basic open chords and strumming patterns. Using a metronome while practicing strumming patterns is advisable. For songs you're trying to play, you first must know the chords, and then the strumming pattern for them to start sounding good. You should learn how to count time like 4/4 the old 1&2&3&4& and tapping your foot along with the metronome, then count as your listening to a song your learning to see which beats the rhythm falls on and skips, then practice getting that rhythm right. Once you get comfortable with open chords and counting rhythms you could move on to some good ole music theory, the major scale is the best place to start, then over time you will begin to understand why things work the way they do which will perk your interest. If you begin to get frustrated or bored with what your working on walk away from it and comeback when your ready to try again. If what I've posted here is not helpful, give me some input on about where your at with the guitar, and I'll try to help as best I can