Has any one else heard it. I like it. I read an interview that the new record is going to reflect life on the road and what not. Same old speech you get for alot of records. But the song is called LAX to O'hare so yeah I guess that sentiment is pretty aparent. I like it, it comes with alittle note from a guy who has "been with the band" saying its the best record he has heard in a long time, but judging from this one song its nothing spectacular. Heres the Link
I'm not familiar with their old stuff and I'm not a huge fan of that new song, but who knows, maybe I'll get into them sometime
"For Us, For Them, For You"
that song's like all academy is songs.

annoyingly catchy.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

emos forever
Beckett has an amazing voice, but the songs there is nothing special about them besides maybe a catchy hook here and there, but the way he sings is why I really like TIA
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