Can anybody recomend me anything thing from Steve Winwoods career! Traffic, Blind faith whatever. i hear he is very good.
Blind Faith's cover of the Stones song Under my Thumb from their Hyde Park is a really good song
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Almost anything from Traffic. On the Road is godly, and then for a starter studio album maybe John Barleycorn must Die.
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Not to be an arse but use the CR recommendation thread. If not, try asking in Psycodelias' Obscure CR Artists thread.
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On the Road by Traffic is one of the few albums where I've seriously considered masturbating to the music.

It's that good. Easily one of the best live performances ever.

Blind Faith, the album, is also spectacular.
as much as I love Steve Winwood and his works,



Blind Faith and Traffic are both in there.


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