I recently started looking for a case for my guitar and I was wondering what kind of things should I look for when buying a case??any suggestion?? my budget is around $90...
meh, those musiciansfriend cases are really disappointing (I have owned a few btw)

What do you need the case for (traveling, gigging, what?) and how much did your guitar cost?
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1.) Durability... Is it going to last?
2.) Fit... How well does the guitar fit? Does the guitar shift when I am carrying it?
3.) Storage... Does it have any compartments/pockets to keep stuff in? (picks, strings, strap etc.)
3.) Protection... How well does it protect the guitar? (As that is the primary function most companies have this covered)

Really it depends on how you are using your guitar. If you are just taking it to lessons once a week or to a friends house, I would go with a simple soft shell (its just going to keep it from getting scratched and dinged). But if you are lugging it to and from lets say school and carrying it, I would recommend a hard shell...

Also you may want to look into a locking case...
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All you need is a thickly padded softcase that pretty much carries like a backpack. Those hardcases are just inconvinient and bulky.. i own one and i wish i woulda just got the thick-foamed softcase.

If you're gonna travel or ship ur guitar, hardcase. Otherwise, for daily use, the softcase is lighter+more pockets+easier to carry+less expensive.
I bought an SX hardshell case a while back. The guitar fits pretty well, leaving a small gap around the upper bouts but it doesn't move around. It took a few hits in the plane when we were on vacation but nothing happened to the guitar and that's what it was made for. Paid 80€ for it ($100)
I'm a firm believer in a properly fitted hard shell case for my guitars. You can generally find a decent HS case for about $100. new. But many times I've found used cases in guitar or pawn shops at 1/2 that amount.
I've used chipboard or gig bag cases for cheapie guitars that I take camping etc. But IMO if you care about the guitar, get it as much protection as you can!
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I like TKL casses and access casses. TKL are only about $60 and access is about $100. Access are stronger but I've never had a guitar get hurt when it was in a TKL case either. Not even on an air plain
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