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The inquisition of the gods, from a Mortals perspective, perhaps.

Yet I was left unscathed-
still shoeprints squander along squalid passages with the dignity of a God.
Lost on the souls left behind in the shade,
lost in the secondary seconds after dark (frayed yet plaid into the fabric of time)
each prevailed like a breath in the mist, an utterance so displayed
as proof enough of their existance, ever should they be heard
or belied by scent trails; their spoors skulk in the yielded cover of their maiden wings
and they stutter not a word.
Hide or be hidden were the words that I spat.
As parades of soiled feet lay prints over the faces of the damned like baptism veils,
complete with stained hands reaching out, competing for the foreheads of the worthy;
(to mark them with a cross) coming ready or not,
from within their sheltered pyre-eyes, (an attempt to distinguish between a glint from a reticent retina and a soul defining glimpse into the blue)
destinies are determined according to the brevity of wills, (upon the strength of man)
every breath you bequeath now is not forsaken in death,
(intrinsically entwined into the pattern of your palms)
come with us, or walk your planar path till the fall, the faint falling
of feathers from the wings of scantly laden maidens descending
onto the pavement beside your sememe headstone. (to spit upon your bones and invertebrate frame)Come with us and be graven with morpheme ideals, (no silenced last words)and hopes that these amphetamine litanies pave the way to morphine eulogies;
for future dream weavers and spirits to haunt and belate this plain
on a basis as regular as rain.
(come with us) For this is your time,
this is your maiden flight towards the surface, after so many steps in the dark,
where we'll prove a tacit feather of redemption fades
faster than faith during an inquisition of the Gods.
-Where yet again, I was left unscathed.

Novacaine Hurricane

A mouth like a distant shore,
those eyes...
Flickering in my head lights,
a deer in the park of;
a bug in the wheat near;
a hug like a hurricane.
Too many close calls, to
call my own so I've adopted a pair
Of embryo lips to the name of locusts.

A pair of dominoes only knocks each other down.
A silver charm for a golden crown.
Champion, oh champion,
Stuck at sea, the dawn cover
Like a sick fire, like autumn eyes.
We’re hissing through alleys
and we’re drops in a tsunami.

My teeth for a nickel,
A pillar to hold me down,
nothing at the beach,
so I'm nowhere near empty
but not nearly close to being full,
I’m a salamander chewing oleander.
I’m a salamander chewing oleander.
Flames for a fistful of;
tea: the content of coffee
caffeine for a drug machine.
I’m a salamander eating oleander,
With hugs for a hurricane.
Are we getting the final + the tiebreaker, or should I set them up?
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.