Hey there, we're Target Destroyed, a metal band from Baldwin (on the South side), We're all 14-16, and the 3/4 of us who paly instruments all have 2 or more years experience. As far as our sound goes, think along the lines of Iron Maiden and older Metallica/Megadeth. However, we listen to many types of music and are open to some different influences.

We're looking for a drummer who is fairly familiar with metal (for cover purposes) and is capable of writing their own parts. Enthusiasm is more inmportant than experience, but it would really help if you know what you're doing. Having a double kick is a definite plus.

Our myspace is HERE. As of now we only have a short clip of a song (full thing soon to be up with vocals and fake drums) and a little acoustic joke thing, but hopefully you can help fix that. Either contact us through there or just post here or whatever if you're interested.