Hey all,

Im goin 2 buy a tube amp soon, either the DSL401 or the Ashdown Fallen Angel...

but im also gettin a Marshall Shredmaster pedal (next week).

So with this information, do you think I need a tubescreamer?

I just assumed that if you have a tube amp then its wise to get a tubescreamer. But with this distortion pedal comin through it might be just enough?

What do you think?


(ps Dsl or Fallen Angel? )
If your getting a tube amp, forget about distortion pedals. Use an overdrive and an eq pedal or rack unit.
I think you should get and overdrive (doesnt have be a TS) instead of the Shredmaster. They can be very useful for a lot of different things.

On the amp topic, Id say go for the DSL. Im not too much a fan of the Fallen Angel
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The Shredmaster will have more gain than you'll ever need, but you might want a Tubescreamer too just to get different tones. I'd try both before you make a decision, don't just go by what people on here tell you.
a tubescreamer is like an overdrive smoother thing right?

and well actually i tried the DSl401 today... didnt sound to good actually! (maybe cause the volume is like only just about 8'o clock...)

how much does it need to be cranked before the sound is 'tube' like?
It's easy to tell when a tube amps getting loud enough....the volume comes up gradually then all of a sudden it's rattling your teeth, that's the sign that you're on the way
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I'd say my dsl401 begins to overdrive when both volume knobs are on 4
4-5 is the beginning of the nice breakup.

You don't need the Shredmaster. A TS might not be needed either.

Play the amp first of course, then figure out what you need.
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Volume 4??

Wow thats pretty.. loud right?

ps thanks for all your help!

decisions decisions...
Slam the front end with a TS. Music to my ears IMO.
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