I've been looking at Marshalls pretty hardcore, and I was just wondering if I could get some recommendations on a Marshall amp that is good for metal. I like Pantera, Megadeth, Metallica, and all the 80s metal, like Ozzy, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, and death metal too, like Children of Bodom, Death, Arch Enemy, Carcass. I just want a good metal amp that'll cover all those bases pretty well. I like the JCM 800, because the tone dominates, then I saw on guitargeek that Randy Rhoads used a JMP Master Volume or something like that. I just dont wanna throw away $1000 on something I'm gonna hate.
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JCM 800
JCM 900
maybe the marshall JCM 2000.
basically, the JCM series.
also, test them out first. you might also want an overdrive
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you would not get dissapointed by the jcm series, get a jcm 800, it has a really nice tone (even tough i hate marshall amps)
I dunno if the famed Marshall fuzz overdrive is exactly what you desire with the most part of the bands you listed. They play more Mesa's, 5150's, Krank's, you know, 6L6 amps. But if it's a Marshall then yeah, prolly the 800, you might want to look into some type of tubescreamer pedal with it though...
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Lol @ the MG series ratings =p
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That table is exactly what I needed, thanks man!! Looks like I'll be saving for a Marshall JCM 800 single channel. Can anyone recommend a model?? I was thinking either the 2203 or 2204.
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Ok, 2203 then. Is 50 watts pretty loud?? BTW, Gutch, you are a good man, and you're helping me a wicked lot.
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You would think 50 watts is enough specially if its coming outta a 4 x 12 cab. and tube amps are 2 times louder than SS. So basically 100w is 200w in SS. You're still talking about 4 speakers. i have an AVT (1 x 12) and thats loud enough. and its a SS amp.



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50w tube is ridiculously loud. my amp goes to 85 but i keep it at the 30w setting most of the time. i leave the master around 3 and channel around 4 but this is when im sitting 6 ft away from the thing.
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50w and 100w dont have much difference in volume (3dB if im not wrong) the main difference is in the added headroom of the 100w
I'm not really talking about dB's.......they are basically irrelevant on UG. The difference in headroom between the two isn't that big at all. the 2203 just gives you that extra kick for those cases where the room/stage your on soaks up a lot of sound
Hmm, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like I saw (on guitargeek maybe?) that Iron Maiden used 50 watt heads, maybe it was back in the day, but it seems like I remember it saying that they ran them at half volume. So 50 watts must have the power if they only run them halfway all the time.
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