Hey I'm selling my Marshal MS-2 And Berhinger distortion pedal. The marshall is the .8 watt micro amp. It's good for bedroom practice and ideal if someone in your house sleeps in the day and you can't make much noise. It also has overdrive! I've had it since august, and used it less than 15 times. Can also be used with an adapter to maxamize tone.

Second in my Berhinger distortion pedal. I've had it for a year, and it served me well. Models DS1 DS+ And Ratt distortion pedals. Despite that, this isn't your "crushing metal
pedal." It's more of a fuzz pedal.

I haven't decided a price yet, but I'll consider any and every offer. Trades are encouraged. Keep in mind I live in canada. But I'm close to the border, so shipping wont be as brutal.