Hi there

Looking at the min for a bassist who lives in London or the surrounding areas (I'm from Watford area). I'm a 17 year old guitar player, and while I've tried setting up projects with 2 guitars/bass/drums, I'm now looking to try something which will hopefully last with just one guitar player (me). Think along the lines of Default (if you've heard of em lol), The Answer (again if you've heard of them haha), Muse even.

I don't really care what type of music you like tbh, just as long as you're around the same age, i.e, NOT late 20s/30s, etc... I want something reasonably serious, but not to the point that it's no longer fun.

E-mail me/PM me/Msn me

E-mail: imc2oo2@hotmail.com
Msn: same as above

i would do it but i got gcses to worry about..
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i don't really like your influences, but I would play bass if you could supply me with a bass. Otherwise, I will play guitar if you need another guitarist
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Hmm, I get the train to Watford everyday so the area definately isn't a problem. I'm mainly a guitarist but I do happen to own a bass as well. If you're still looking for someone get in touch.