Hey everyone, I am looking for a song that has contains 2 guitar parts. preferably one with strumming and the other with a bit of a solo, or more strumming. I am looking for songs that are a bit mellower form of rock, and nothing 2 complicated. The 2 guitarist are both intermediate in terms of skill. Thanks in advance!
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any Tenacious D um try some sabbath...
Iron Man...
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enter sandman by metallica

i dont know how "intermediate" you are but if you can learn the solo that song would kick ass

edit: just saw the think about "mellower"

dont really know if you like metal music or not
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play that song where its a banjo and a guitar dueling.

or do iron man, thatd rule with two guitars. i did it with my friend.
im sure alot of people have too though.
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