What say ye about the BOSS DS-1 and the Electro Harmonix USA Big Muff?

Which is superior for flexible and downright dirty distortion?
Both great pedals!!!
The Boss DS-1 would be more flexible, but the big muff has an indistinguishable sound.


Having both is nice..if u can't afford them, get a Digitech DF-7...some people don't like it cuz it's "digital" but it does get close to the original sound.
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Flexibility, the DS-1 for sure. The Big Muff has one real setting, fuzz. And that's what it does, fuzz. If you're looking for a distortion pedal, the Big Muff is not a good choice.

That being said, I love fuzz, and the BM is one of my favorite pedals ever.
personally i dont like the DS-1. I sold mine for a Marshall Gov'nor 2 pedal and it blows it out of the water. The DS-1 sounds very tinny. But i know longer need a distortion pedal because my orange has the best distortion ever. Oh and the big muff is amazing if you only want fuzz.
They're both really different, try them out and see what you like best.
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The Big Muff is fuzz and just fuzz. I love my Big Muff, but if you are looking for a wider range of tones, look at a DS-1.
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i agree with Gibson_rocker, the ds-1 is very tinny sounding. i tried for so long to get a decent tone out of it, but i couldnt. i wouldnt recommend either of those, although i love the big muff, but it is not very versatile.id say to go to the shop and try a bunch out. (if they let you, i know that guitar center does.)
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