yea so i have this one that i kinda made as a tribute to hendrix. there arent any words yet but im working on it.

the other is sex and candy. theres also an original song i made as kind of a space like acid trip or something. it might not be up because it might still be processesing. tell me what you think.

edit: theres a 4th sog up now called down the street which is another original of mine.
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Quote by ZigZag0420
I love the song "acid". It sounds like a good night of partying and making music!

By the way, have you ever heard of Carvin Jones?

yea i think so
Carvin Jones was ranked as one of the Top 50 r&b/blues guitarists of all time. He plays at a bar around the corner from me, in front of a crowd of maybe 20 or so, every Friday.

Go to CarvinJones.com to check out his music.

Scratch that. He's in Europe until the end of February. He actually lays his guitar on the ground, and plays with his boots. He is un-freaking-believable.
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sounds really good i liked the sex and candy cover and acid was feakin awesome keep it up

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