? i cant find any chords or anything anywhere and the song is kinda all over the place
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I believe all the soloing is done in G minor.
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The whole thing is in G-Minor. The entire song is just an elaboration on the same chord progression. I think its C, Gmin7, C, Gmin7, then I think it's Eb, D. Of course, I'm oversimplifying it greatly.

I've learned a lot of the song, though the solo in the begining is mostly just sustained bends in G-minor pentonic(15th fret). The best way to do it is just to sit down for a few weeks and learn all of it. It'll take a while, but it's a pretty cool song.


I used that tab. Practice makes perfect.
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Everyone who has said G Minor is correct. Also, I kind of want to know how that one guy got A Minor.
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