I am having trouble locating a white les paul, I would REALLY like it to have black hardware.
Ceiling in price is $600.
I've searched and searched, found some, but I have no idea on the prices or quality of the guitar. If anyone has any recomendations please help me out.
Outside of Buckethead's guitar, I don't think I've even seen a white LP in real life. Good luck finding one.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom comes in Alpine White...
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I remember a kid had one WAY back before I could even play guitar really well. It may have been a studio, but I don't want one (if they are as bad as people say)
I have an Epi LP Custom that is white. It has gold hardware, not black. I think the black would look kinda shitty wouldnt it? The gold hardware and the white just go together so well.
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the new esp,
its not a really but il take a ec 1000 over any Gibson LP you got...
The neck is so much nicer...
theres the new Ltd Ec-500 or the Epiphone custom in Alpine white, and the Gibson Les Paul Studio
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Finding one with all black hardware will be a challenge for sure. Usually Gibson goes with either Gold or Chrome harware on their Les Pauls, so black hardware sounds like it might be a custom job, rather than something they mass produce off the assembly line. Might want to think about snagging one in white and then just switching the hardware to black yourself.
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gibson lp studios come in white, same with teh customs....epi custom is white, and as far as black hardware, youll probably have to buy them yourself and swap, i have never seen black hardware on a white LP, good luck

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Yeah, white and gold look great together...

...on the 25th december.

White with black or chrome would kick white and gold in the teeth.
You can get alphine white LP Customs that have black hardware, but I think that might be out your budget.
Only LPs (Besides special order) are Customs and Studios (im pretty sure)...Dunno bout the black hardware...you talking pick-up covers?? only black are the EMGs...
i played a couple sweet gibson les paul studios, a bit out of your price range, but worth the $1000. i played one in black with chrome hardware and one in alpine white with gold hardware. veeeery nice guitars.
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