So in practice when it's just bass/guitar it usually sounds good but when we get with our drummer at his house it doesn't come together at all. the drums sound great and are on beat and we are playing the right stuff. and we are on beat

could it be the acoustics of the room?
Does your drummer suck? Do you suck? Does your bassist suck? Usually if you are all playing the "right" stuff in the right time it should sound alright. Acoustics can be the problem, but unless your playing halls, you shouldn't worry about it.
Yeah Dimebag is not the "Greatest Guitarist" of all time... Hendrix maybe... I must go get food to eat with my mouth

$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

if it's a small room that's very possible
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practise more... poor acoustics shouldn't destroy a quality music session

maybe you and the bass player connect more, or maybe you should all practise to a metronome.
It could be that the drums are just overpowering everything.

It could definately be the acoustics, though. An echoey garage or basement could do some screwy things to your sound.
well it's a pretty big basement that doesn't really project anything very well, it sounds pretty flat and the tone is fine. we've like listened to each part it can't be our musician skills becuae we've even tried just playing some power chords with a simple beat and some root notes from the bass.

could it be that we didn't really try to eq it at all and have the intstruments set up in weird places, like bass on the other side of the room as guitar.

i play bass btw
Without hearing what's going on, none of us can really know what is causing your problem. If you plan to practice there a lot, you should spend some time dicking around to find some kind a balance between the instruments, their EQ, acoustics, and such.