Basically, when I push my peg with the stirng into the hole, it doesn't stay stuck and let me string the tuning pegs; unless I hold down on the bridge pegs. And if I let go of those pegs and strum the string, the peg flies out of place. I've tried different pegs, different amount of force, different strings and pretty much everything imaginable at this point. I really wanna be able to play my guitar but it refuses to be stringed properly. And I know it can be stringed because it came with strings originally (but I wanted to replace them, because they sounds bad).
well most acoustics do that get you a knife and tool so you have a bunchs of stuff and take some needle nose plyers and push it in
honestly is there any reason to be the forum police at least its a serious question rather then a "who do you think is better" where abunch of people argue its just a forum no reason to chime in 2 cents if your not going to help.
Thanks for the response, but how Do I use plyers to push it in? Seems to me like they can only be used for pulling pegs out...
you center the tip of the needle noses on the center of the peg, where there is the black indent, and push. dont push too hard just enough, you can also try angling your peg to one side (Turning it just a little bit.) Cause my guitar does that too
take a hammer and nail that sucker in. Best to do it with ur eyes closed and both hands on the hammer.
everyone keeps suggesting a hammer, but are you serious? I'd rather avoid using a hammer if I can. And I've tried pushing the peg in just enough, and the string is always inside that indent. But the peg always pops out if I apply tension by tuning the string.
lol. we're obviously not being serious. lift weights for a month and then try puttin the peg in. Im sure it won't pop out then.
it was obvious the first 3 times, but the 7th time someone mentioned it...

And I don't think strength is the problem, I've used everything and even had friends stronger than me try to push it in. It simply will not go any deeper than what my pictures show.

I'm never gonna get to play guitar
lmao. i would try and make another useless comment but i feel so srry for u. ill give u a hint. the peg should look like the last picture with a string inside the hole. keep pushing
It does look like that. Exactly like that, want a picture? But when I start tuning it up, and go to strum it, the peg pops out.
they don't jiggle at all, and I start the string off with no tension then slowly increase it, which I figured was natural when tuning a guitar. It should be twice as tense as when the peg starts popping out. And I think they're big enough, but I really don't know.
yeah, gonna go cry myself to sleep. Thanks for the help guys, maybe tomorrow will be a better day.