So, recently, I've gotten to a point in my bass playing where everything I write is a variation off of other basslines I've written. How do I go about working on more original things?
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i got the same problem. i cant fix it still havent but if you mix enough stuff together and mod that its something totally new.
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meditation. philosophize. Find things other than music for inspiration. Sounds cheesy but the look in my girlfriends eyes has helped me a thousand times more than modes, theory, and progressions. Basically, transfer your mind and feelings to the bass. Make it your voice. Shut off the lights, hold your instrument and let your mind wander. Then play your mind. Lather, rinse, repeat. If you focus hard on writing music, you will repeat yourself and get frustrated. Write your mind and soul, not notes. Notes mean shit. Your voice/message is everything.

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listen to wat ud normally say why the **** wud i listen to that. ull get sum new ideas.
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Everything now is something like off of other music play with a band and follow the guitarist or so....go sit by a stero crank up the bass and just listen to bass lines might hear something really cool you can associate with your music bro
Try writing in new keys and with different scales. I use to write songs almost exclusively in an E bebop scale, and when they all started to mesh I switched to Am scales, C# melodic minor....just changing the scale you use when writing makes a huge difference.
Bumper is right on with his advice--get out of the traditional 7 modes and mess with different scales. My current favorite is Neopolitan minor.

Also, go out and see live music when possible. Its amazing how just watching and listening to a live bassist can inspire you to move in a new direction or put a new twist on your own style of playing and improvising.
^ But if you do go out and if you go to a jazz show make sure to listen to the sax solos and trumpets etc. Even if your go to a rock show listen to some guitar licks and stuff. Another fun thing to do is instead of writing in scales start righting in chords with diatonic sevenths.
The best advice i can give is learn some melodic pieces and forget rhythm for a bit. Learning how melody works gives you amazing ability to solo and improvise. You will obviously know all the modes of the major scale at least, inside out and over two octaves. learn these in 3rds, 4ths, 5ths.. when you learn your scales try and make melody from them, same sequence but add some rhythm.

and also, let yourself go. dont think too much about what you are going to do next...just do it and if it sounds god...well, remember it and use it.

oh, and record yourself. all the time. listen back. it helps loads