is it true that white chocolate isn't actually chocolate?!
hehe, all i drink at seattle coffeehouse is white hot chocolates or grinch's.. and i'm there at least 3x a week..
although that was kind of random..
but someone said that in the useless shit thread!!
(if so, wtf is it?)
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It tastes like chocolate...therefore it must be choclate. Maybe they can rename it to like "I can't believe it's not chocolate!"


/bad joke
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i like white chocolate
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I like white and dark. Nothing in between. Chocolate is chocolate, who gives?
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i dont mind it but if i eat too much i get sick
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White chocolate + Crumbled Oreos = Sex
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I got all the white chocolate you need right here. *Rubs body sensually.*

Will says:
- SmarterChild - says:
I don't know if I can help it.

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