Hi, I recently purchased EMG-81's and 85's. I was wondering which pickup goes on the bridge and neck. Please help! thanks
81 goes in the neck becuase it is the lead pickup, 85 is in the bridge, those cost like 200$ for both right? pretty good when i played them at guitar center. zakk wydle and kerry kind uses em'
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Yes, they are on Zakk Wyldes guitars. I have an Epiphone LP Standard and I wanted new pickups, I tried out a few guitars at GC and I really liked the ones on Zakk Wylde's guitar. The ones I have are Gibsons EMG's i bought them for about $80 each. Originally I was going to buy the ones on the Epiphone but the employees couldn't find the price for one of the Epiphones so they sold me the 81 and 85 same price as the Epiphones ($80 each)
In my Hellraiser, the 81 is the bridge and the 85 is the neck, which seems to be the most popular stock positions.
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