I know this is the bass forum...but bassists should know more about drummers than anyone else, cept drummers, of course...plus, I wasn't sure where this would go. I'm a bassist, myself, but I think a friend of mine might make a good drummer.

He's an angry guy, very stressed out all the time, and I figured if he could slam on some drums to relieve stress, he'd get pretty good...seeing as he'd be doing it all the time. He disagrees, says he'd never be good at it...how can I convince him to at least try? Any ideas?
whenever anyone is pissed, they play shitty (whatever instrument) and just get angrier. However, the best drummer I know is a pretty ironically bitter guy, so maybe that's key.
Well, that's what I mean. He's a really bitter guy...and I think bashing drums would be good stress relief.
1. Wrong forum.
2. There is no drum forum.
3. Being an angry person does not make you a good musician. You want to know what makes a good drummer? It's years of practice. Whether he's angry, or bipolar, schizophrenic, or anorexic, the only thing that will make him a good drummer is practice.
4. Reported.
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He's got to be jewish if he's going to be good.

Well, Max Weinberg is Jewish and his playing is stiff, simplistic and boring.